Milo Topra

Milo Topra

Ig: @kerberys


I am Milo Topra alias kerberys as known across the internet. Born in Lappeenranta, creating chaos and bringing harmony both at once since September 1996.

I am what one might address as a quirky character based on my personality and artistic aspirations as well as general vision alike. Greatly inspired by the dark and damned aspects of human mind and the globe we live on, as my main agenda, I thrive to illustrate dystopian imagery and macabre moments to portray psychical pain through somatic experiences. Frequenting elements in my works are plants used as symbolic devices.

Granted, I do a lot of works outside of horror themes as well and there's a whole section on my website for my more classical approaches. Generally speaking, I would say I am most influenced by contemporary concept artists, old masters, modern realists of all sorts and H.R. Giger. 

With my diploma pieces my goal is to study ideas of persistence and perishableness together. Opposed are the permanence of ink on the skin and mortality of the world we live in and respectively carry the weight of on our shoulders. In a sense it is statement against the outdated attitudes of the society against heavily tattooed people, since the world will continue to wither, regardless of our existence. The psychical pain in these works is not quite so unequivocal, but more so about universal anxiety with regard to the state of current world. 

Portrait taken by Mikko Parkkonen

Artwork photos by Ignacio Pèrez Pèrez

"Regardless of Our Existence (Night)", öljy kankaalle, 180 x 130 cm, 2023
"Regardless of Our Existence (Day)", öljy kankaalle, 180 x 130 cm, 2023
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