Pinja Salmi

Pinja Salmi

Ig: @pinjamjam


I draw, paint, sculpt... whichever I’m vibing with at that moment.  My art is childish colorful and cartoon like. I get a lot of my inspiration from old toys, music, human mind, spirituality and life itself.  

I like to have fun with the colors and proportions of my characters, often dipping into the surreal world. 

Art is like therapy for me. Putting confusing and often painful emotions in a external form helps me go through them. 

I like to think that my adult self is doing a lot of teamwork with my inner child, that is probably where all the sillynes comes from. 

Teoskuvat: Ignacio Pèrez Pèrez 

"I don't give a shit", keramiikka, akryylimaalit, 30 x 15 cm, 2023
"Pop my pimples", keramiikka, akryylimaalit, 35 x 18 cm, 2023
"Pollinator", keramiikka, akryylimaalit, 25 x 22 cm, 2023
"Brain fog", keramiikka, akryylimaalit, 36 x 26 cm, 2023
"3rd boob", keramiikka, akryylimaalit, 29 x 27 cm, 2023
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